Incremental Feed – High Volume Die Cutting – Multiple Layers of Material


SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

Model SR Series with DIEVAC® Vacuum Cutting System

SCHWABE USA has engineered a complete turn-key system comprising all necessary equipment for die cutting materials for the automotive industry.
Working with Ontario Die International, SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Beam Press  cuts high volumes of multiple layers of material consistently and accurately.

The new and improved system is 30% faster with 90% less energy consumption than previous models.

This new and improved System from Schwabe is capable of cutting 18-20 Eighteen (18’)/Feet Die boards per hour!

The cutting cycle time is at least 10x that of a NC Cutter with better material yield.

The vacuum hood pre-compresses various types of materials, such as tri-laminates vinyls and cloth-backed foam prior to cutting on the SCHWABE SR Beam Press with 300 350 tons of cutting force therefore eliminating material movement and ensuring accurately cut parts.

Schwabe with Die Vac Cut Sheet Image

How the DIEVAC® Vacuum Cutting System works
The force of the vacuum creates a firm block of material that does not shift during the cutting process. The vacuum remains constant until the cutting is complete. The result is clean, accurate cuts every time.

Die Vac 2Incremental Feed to SCHWABE Straight Ram Beam Press with DIEVAC® Vacuum Cutting System

Die Cutting Board to be loaded on to Die Vac systems and Cut by schwabe press

1. The material to be cut is stacked on top of the die offline, as other dieboards are run through the press.

2. When loaded with material, the dieboard is transferred to the press via roller tables.

3. The press lowers the DIEVAC® shroud over the entire die holding layers of material, the air is quickly removed by a powerful vacuum.

4. The shrouded dieboard enters the press as a single unit, and pressure is applied incrementally along its width as it moves through the press.

5. The dieboard exits the press with all the pieces now cut, and the shroud is removed.
6. The dieboard is transferred to a picking table where the cut pieces can be removed. Meanwhile, the next dieboard is being run through the press in the same continuous cycle.


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Freeman Schwabe Video Channel

Freeman Schwabe Video Channel

Schwabe SR straight ram beam cutting press with die vac systems

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