Automatic Traveling Head Die Cutting Hydraulic Press – Model NC 50

Automatic Traveling Head Hydraulic Cutting Press

Model NC 50

Computer Controlled with Clamp/Cutting Belt Feed System & Nesting Capabilities

CNC Computer Station Nesting Software

Clamp Feed Belt System Adjustable Guides

General Specifications
Cutting Force – 55 U.S. Tons
Head Size – 39.4″ D x 39.4″ W
Bed Size -47.2″ D x 106.3″ W
Head Traverse Center to Center – 59.1″
Effective Cutting Width – 78.7″
Cutting Stroke – 7.1″
Daylight – 8.1”

Die Mounting – Manual die rails mounted to tooling plate under the head for ease of die change. Dies/plates loaded through a side access window for quick change.

Side Die Loading 2

Cutting Speed – 11.9″ per second
Head Rotation – 360 degree head rotation controlled by servo drive, positional accuracy of +/- 0 deg
X-Y Axis Travel – Automatic, servo drive ball screw positioning system, accuracy to ±0.004″, one for head traverse and one for feed. (accuracy does not account for material inaccuracies). Includes acceleration and deceleration ramps for smooth and consistent accuracy.

Panel & Box – NEMA-compliant free standing electrical control enclosure which is Mitsubishi PLC and PC based, incorporates all the controls for the press, including those for set-up/manual operation, as well as those for automatic operation.

Electrical Cabinent Wireway Stack Light

Die storage is subject to hard disc memory capability with a minimum of 1000 die, die storage. PC is used for setting lateral head traverse, and/or feed distance setting, together with controls necessary for programs outlined below.


Set-Up – Press is capable of cutting one (1) row for set-up purposes.
Continuous Cutting – Head moves automatically pre-determined distance to the next cutting position. Cutting stroke is then automatically initiated, and this cycle repeats itself on a continuous basis, with a feed cycle at the end of each row.
Nesting – Equipped with complex nesting software for increasing yield on material. Capable to load from a Jump Drive or through serial port connection.
Punch Press – Machine is capable of running in a punch press mode whereby the head remains stationary.
Press Shutdown – Mushroom type shut-off buttons located on control panel and various easily accessible points on the machine
Stroke Counter – Includes shut-down function, accessed through touch screen PC.


Remote Ethernet-based Connectivity
Allows for remote connectivity to the Press for programming chance, diagnostic support and trouble-shooting.
Includes Web Camera with 20′ lead cord for direct communication with Freeman Schwabe Customer Service.

In feed & Out feed – Extruded profile aluminum framework with clear Lexan access panels and electrical interlocks on front and rear of press.

Clamp Feed Belt System Adjustable Guides

Automatic Traveling Head Die Cutting Hydraulic Press - Model NC 50

Type shown in photos is a continuous Chiorino Nylon Belt Conveyor traveling through press, utilized as a material carrier and cutting surface, transported by a rear-mounted motor combined with a clamp feed unit.
Pneumatic Clamp Feed mounted on rear of press (infeed side) set to operate automatically in conjunction with cutting cycle.
Clamp Feed complete with one (1) movable clamp beam and one (1) fixed clamp beam, for max feeding distance of 59.1″ roll material in one movement.

OSHA Compliant

Quick Belt Change
Side loading belt change over.Press is designed to be split so the belt simply slides on for a quick change over.

Close Up Endless Belt Change Station

Freeman Schwabe OEM Warranty – Twelve (12) Months from date of delivery or 2,000 hours of Operation whichever occurs first. Includes any defective parts or workmanship, labor and expenses during Warranty period. Consumable parts are Excluded from any Warranty.
Nesting Software
Freeman Schwabe Controls Software technology on the Automatic CNC 3-Axis Traveling Head Press delivers optimal nesting set up of up to four dies and parts nested together.

NC50 Travel Head w 360 degree rotation

NC 50 Traveling Head with 360 degree rotation

Nesting Software Automatic CNC 3-Axis Traveling Head Press
a) The Automatic CNC 3-Axis Traveling Head Press nesting controls program allows you to operate the software directly at the machine press, without the need of additional computer (or the need to purchase any additional nesting software or digitizers)
b) The new Automatic CNC 3-Axis Traveling Head Press nesting program enables up to 4 Dies to be set up, and nested inside each other
c) The new & improved Automatic CNC 3-Axis Traveling Head Press nesting software provides optimal cut pattern and material yield (based on the number of dies mounted to the die mounting plate)

Sheet Sensor 3

Automatic NC 50 Traveling Head Hydraulic Press sheet material sensor

Screen shot 4 dies

The Freeman Schwabe YouTube video below provides an overview of the Automatic NC Traveling Head Nesting Software explaining:

– how to set up of a new nesting material program

– how to automatically set up the new optimal die positions

– how to measure and minimize scrap material

– how to achieve optimal material yield

– how to monitor batch times and shift production efficiencies

– How to quickly and easily recall saved programs for faster setup

Freeman Schwabe Video Channel

Freeman Schwabe Video Channel

Watch Traveling Head CNC 3 Axis Nesting Software Demonstration

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