Spacer Mesh Material Automotive Trim/Seat Covers & other Interior Applications

3D Spacer Fabric Mesh – Machine Cutting and Converting

Spacer Mesh is textile material fabric with holes knit into the weave which makes it breath more and creates a cool, dry and comfortable fabric.

Mueller Photo

Spacer Mesh Mueller 3D

Die Cutting Spacer Fabric
Die Cutting is recognized as the most efficient method for precision cutting of spacer mesh fabric material.

Schwabe SR 230 Custom press Spacer Mesh

Converting Spacer Mesh
3D Spacer Mesh is converted into a variety of products and industries

Automotive Interior Trim Parts
Seat Covers, Ventilated Seats, Headliners, Instrument Panels, Door Panels

Auto Seats Spacer Mesh MuellerConsumer Textile Products
Mattresses, Furniture, Medical , Apparel, Footwear, Backpacks

Spacer Mesh Footwear

SCHWABE USA is the leading supplier of Die Cutting Machine Presses for cutting 3D Spacer Mesh fabric / material.
Check out the Machine Demovideo on Freeman Schwabe YouTube Video

Freeman Schwabe Video Channel

Freeman Schwabe Video Channel

Die Cut Press

The SR 230 was custom built, at our manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA to die cut Spacer Mesh on a nylon belt, with the spacer mesh fabric delivered to the press in-feed from a roller stand (which is an optional purchase supplied by Freeman Schwabe).

Machines manufacturing Auto Trim.001

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Global SUppliers Auto Trim.002

SCHWABE Presses Shape Products for Auto Interior Manufacturers of the World

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