Cutting Press Machine Demos – 5 Most Popular on Freeman Schwabe Video Channel

Machine Demonstration – Cutting Press Applications

Top 5 Videos 2015 to date

We have over 140 Videos on the Freeman Schwabe YouTube Channel showing

– machine demonstrations

– safety features of our cutting press machines

– maintenance advice & tips

Freeman Schwabe Video Channel

Freeman Schwabe Video Channel

The Top 5 Videos this year to date, ranked by highest number of views are as follows:

1. Customized Leather Perforation Designs Logos – Manufacturing Roller Press
Leather Punching / Perforating Logos and Custom Design

SCHWABE die cutting presses are used around the world by all of the leading leather parts manufacturers. SCHWABE Presses are known for their Quality, Robustness and Performance!

Customized Leather Perforation Designs Logos


2. SCHWABE Straight Ram Beam Press with ODI DieVac System cutting multiple layers material
SCHWABE USA SR 300 with Die Vac System features

Fast, smooth and 100% efficient vacuum of the die & material shroud / hood.
Rugged and Heavy-duty powered die chase with 25% faster cycle time.
Capable of cutting die boards up to 18 feet / 6 metres long.

Schwabe with Die Vac Cut Sheet Image

Die Vac 2

3. Large Area Folding Machine
Auto Trim Edge Fold Machine

Reduces assembly time by 70%

Large Area Edge Folding Press (Model LAF) for manufacturing Auto Interior Soft Trim Components - Freeman SCHWABE

Large Area Edge Folding Press (Model LAF) for manufacturing Auto Interior Soft Trim Components – Freeman SCHWABE

4. Luxury Vinyl Tile Cutter – Fast Accurate Die Cutting from PVC slabs
Schwabe Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

Model SR 230 with Nylon Belt Feed Cutting System
Fast and Accurate Die Cutting of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) slabs in the manufacturing of luxury vinyl tiles and planks, for the floor covering industry.
Die cuts up to 15 cycles per minute.

5. Flooring Manufacturing Efficiency – Die Cutting – Luxury Vinyl Planks
Flooring – Luxury Vinyl Tiles Cutting Press, with SCHWABE quick side loading die

….for a speedy quick die change for less downtime and more efficient production.

Schwabe USA supplies die cutting presses and cutting systems to the major global manufacturers in the Flooring Industry.

SCHWABE USA has developed robust die cutting presses specifically designed to cut carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) for accurate and fast results.

Contact for more information

Call +1 513 947 2888

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