Straight Ram Beam Hydraulic Cutting Press SR 230 with Sensing Feed System:

Manufacturing Cutting Press for Carpet Tiles, Floor Mats with sensing feed system.

SCHWABE Straight Ram Beam Hydraulic Cutting Press SR 230 with 3 Axis Registration and Sensing Feed System

– material is feed on to and cut on cutting belt
– steering frame edge guide system keeps material centered
– sensors on the SCHWABE die cutting press keep cutting die aligned to material
– die fixture move to align the Die the printed pattern

Freeman Schwabe is a global OEM of the highest quality die cutting presses and compression molding machines, including the world-renowned brand of SCHWABE presses.

Freeman Schwabe supplies a wide range of industries in the USA and Worldwide, including the following: Automotive Interior, Foam and Sponge, Abrasives, Packaging, Medical Devices, Envelope and Paper.

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