Monitor Life of Cutting Belt with Freeman Schwabe Machine Software

Belt Life Monitor

Freeman Schwabe LogoMany die cutting applications that Freeman Schwabe caters to are utilizing an optional cutting belt as the cutting surface, instead of the poly or nylon cutting boards that we offer.

A feature we recommend with our equipment is the Belt Life Monitor.

  • A cutting belt is a wearable item that does need replaced periodically.
  • When a cutting belt needs replaced, most of our supplied equipment requires the use of an outside contractor with the necessary equipment and expertise to fashion a seamless joint of a cutting belt during its installation.
  • This ultimately leads to production downtime during the cutting belt replacement and proper belt tracking procedures recommended by our suppliers and in house service team.

Monitor Life Cutting Belt with Freeman Schwabe
The Belt Life Monitor can help our customer`s production team predict future downtime regarding a necessary cutting belt change.

  • When a new machine is purchased from Freeman Schwabe Machinery, the Belt Life Monitor will reflect any test cutting done by qualified Freeman Schwabe representatives prior to the required factory acceptance tests.
  • Once our customer receives the purchased equipment, our qualified installation experts will install and train the necessary customer employees on that equipment.
  • With proper die settings and programming training provided, the belt life will vary according to our customer`s products and choice of die rule being used for each particular product.
  • When the first belt change is required, the customer will be able to access the Belt Life Monitor counter in the operator`s touch screen.
  • This counter is password protected so that only the appointed personnel can access it and reset it accordingly. The counter`s information should be noted to accurately predict the next belt change needed, according to the customer`s production schedule.

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