Monitor the Working Efficiency of Cutting Die with Freeman Schwabe Machine Software

Cutting Die Life Monitor with your Freeman Schwabe Software


All Freeman Schwabe die cutters come with a useful Software Tool known as the Die Life Monitor.

Our die life monitoring system will help predict a die`s need to be sharpened or replaced, helping to better schedule production requirements in today`s most demanding industries.

  • Die cutting tools will dull as time progresses and manufacturing continues.
  • Most dies can be sharpened and reused multiple times before needing to simply be replaced.
  • Many facilities will send their dies to the die manufacturer to have them re-sharpened.
  • Depending upon the die manufacturer`s capabilities, the lead time to have that die back in production can vary.

At Freeman SCHWABE We recommend having a second die for the same product in queue for this reason and utilizing the benefits of a Die Life Monitor system to keep production moving.

  • Expect less downtime when your production team has the ability to alternate dies and work around the inevitable need to rework the necessary tooling that keeps your manufacturing process flowing.

Our software capabilities allow the customer to store a large capacity of programs dependent upon the dies needed for the job or the materials used for that particular job run.

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  • Within each program number, there is a Die Life Monitor for that particular die program that is written and stored.
  • A counter will continue to increment, once for each cycle of that chosen program, when selected from the operator`s touch screen.
  • The Die Life Monitor`s counter is password protected and recommended to be reset only by personnel that are familiar with this feature.

Each time a die is replaced or reworked, simply reset the Die Life Monitor`s counter. Periodically check the Die Life Monitor`s counter to stay one step ahead in knowing when your cutting dies need attention.

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