SAVE $5,000 – SCHWABE USA – ROLLER PRESS Remanufactured


Roller Press
SCHWABE USA Remanufactured
SAVE $5,000

Roller Press

Ideal fort Sheeted Materials

 Thin gauge material – leather, plastics, thin cardboard.

NOW $26,999
+ 6 Months Warranty
Was $32,000

Model RC 41 # 784830629
Remanufactured by SCHWABE USA with
6 Months Warranty

Machine 1

Roller Press Specifications
41″ Roller Press
Table Size: 84″ x 42″
Diameter of Roller: 7.5″
Speed of Rollers: 52 RPM
Gap of Roller: 0-6″
Overall Dimensions: 84″ x 63″ x 49″
Power Requirements: 230V / 3Phase / 60Hz

Special Reduced Price
$26,999 loaded onto Buyer’s Carrier.

5Located in Freeman SCHWABE factory in Cincinnati, Ohio
Subject to Prior Sale

Contact us NOW !
+1 513 947 2888

machine 2

schwabe usa built stronger to last longer

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