Luxury Vinyl Tile Cutter video machine demo from SCHWABE USA

SCHWABE Die Cutting Presses / Systems and Software


Flooring Manufacturing Machines – Luxury Vinyl

Schwabe Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

Model SR 230 with Nylon Belt Feed Cutting System

Fast and Accurate Die Cutting of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) slabs in the manufacturing of luxury vinyl tiles and planks, for the floor covering industry.

Powered roller conveyor system delivers pallets of multi-layer slabs of PVC to the SCHWABE SR Press slab auto feed system

InFeed – Feeding slab of multilayer PVC into Schwabe die cutting press.

Slabs are registered then die cut into either planks or tiles

Die cuts up to 15 cycles per minute.

Die change rails are at located at both the Infeed and and Outfeed sides of the Schwabe SR Press which makes the die change operation quick and simple to execute, with minimum downtime.

SCHWABE USA builds machines for the Floor Covering Industry in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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