Extend the life of your Die Cutting Belt by 70%! with SCHWABE Press Overhead Positive Stops

schwabe-usa.jpg“We used to replace our cutting belt every 6 weeks, now it’s every 6 months…thanks to the Overhead Positive Stops on our SCHWABE USA machine press”..Client Testimonial

Overhead Positive Stops options on SCHWABE USA Machine Presses helps you save on cutting belt costs.

MAchine and Stop Cylinders

Overhead Positive Stops extends the life of die your cutting belt – SCHWABE USA

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The SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press (SCHWABE SR) can be fitted with various positive stop configurations including overhead mounted stops. 

The over head stops are especially suited for side die loading applications.  Positive Stops are used when cutting against a belt or steel for kiss-cutting applications.

Another benefit of the overhead mounted positive stops (mounted to the Platen) is the positional accuracy and precision stroke and parallelism of the moving platen to the cutting surface due to the unique design of the Schwabe Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press, Model SR.  Available from 115 tons to 2,500 tons!

Overhead Positive STops Full Machine Cylinder stop
A delighted SCHWABE USA customer reported the Overhead Positive Stops have significantly extended the life of their cutting belt, as the cutting die does not cut into the belt as deep or aggressively as before “we used to replace our cutting belt every 6 weeks, now it’s every 6 months”

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schwabe usa built stronger to last longer

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