SCHWABE Side Loading Die for Quickest Die Change – Less Downtime Better ROI

60% Faster than other Die Changing Methods

SCHWABE USA Dual Side Quick Die Change (QDC)

– Provides faster and safer die changeover to improve manufacturing efficiency and operator safety
– Takes less than two minutes
– 60% faster than other press die changing methods.

  • Multiple types of tooling can be accommodated such as
    Steel Rule Dies,
    Matched Metal Dies,
    Flooring Tile Dies etc.
  • Also available are Quick Change Die Carts
    Quick Change Die Carts are available with wheels that can easily receive and store your tooling for future needs.
  • NO SPECIAL CRANES frames, hoists etc. needed thereby improving operator safety as well as speed of the process.

Schwabe Quick Die Change dual side loading machine pressCad Drawing #1 Manual.png Cad Drawing #2 Automated.png Diagram Press.png Schwabe QDC.png Shaw Side Loading Die.png Untitled 3.png

SCHWABE SR Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press is the proven popular choice for Lean Manufacturing Efficiency across global industries:

Automotive Interior, Floor Covering Carpet & Vinyl, Foam / Sponge, Medical Devices, Packaging

SCHWABE USA presses with Quick Die Change (QDC) are Made in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, providing quality assurance and superior long term performance.

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