Leather Automotive Seating – Hydraulic Machine Presses for Cutting Full and Half Hide

White SCHWABE USA logo

SCHWABE USA hydraulic cutting presses are a popular machine choice in the production of automotive seating, especially for cutting leather hide, full hide or half hide.

SCHWABE USA Presses and Cutting Systems are rugged, dependable and durable & engineered and built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA ….SCHWABE USA machines are built stronger to last longer. We will work with you to assess your manufacturing process and deliver the best design solution for your application requirements .

There are 2 SCHWABE USA machine press options to cut leather hide in the production process for leather automotive seating:

MASTER Freeman SCHWABE Capabilities 2015 -2016.024

MASTER Freeman SCHWABE Capabilities 2015 -2016.025

Click here to see full presentation of Freeman SCHWABE Company Capabilities

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