Freeman SCHWABE Cutting Presses – Shaping the Products of the World since 1935

Freeman Schwabe Efficient Cutting Presses & Software Solutions

Freeman SCHWABE Heritage
The Freeman SCHWABE company is the combination of two great USA manufacturing companies; the Louis G. Freeman Company of Cincinnati, Ohio and Herman Schwabe Inc. founded in New York City, New York.

Herman Schwabe was the pioneer in the manufacture of die cutting machinery. Realizing the need for high-speed, efficient and accurate die cutting machinery he founded the company in a small loft in New York City in 1935, 80 years ago.

Herman Schwabe Inc logo

Over the last 80 years Herman SCHWABE (HSI) die cutting presses have become known and respected globally for the distinctive SCHWABE simple, effective, engineering design, which people claim to be the most durable cutting presses in the world.

Since 1935 Freeman SCHWABE is proud to have supplied die cutting presses which have shaped  some of the most famous products and brands in the manufacturing world.

Shaping Products of the World

Today SCHWABE USA cutting presses are built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, using the latest technology and application software to meet the changing needs in the modern manufacturing processes. The  company’s core global industries are:

  • Automotive Interior Trim and Seating components
  • Floor Covering including Carpet and Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks
  • Packaging and consumer products

White SCHWABE USA logo

The engineering and quality criteria used by Herman SCHWABE 80 years ago, is still incorporated into the design, development and manufacture our latest sophisticated cutting presses and cutting systems.

  • innovative machine & software features
  • strength of structure & quality of materials used
  • reliability and low maintenance
  • durability and longevity

schwabe usa built stronger to last longer

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