Automotive Leather Suppliers select with SCHWABE Model SR-350 Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

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The NEW SCHWABE SR press is ideal for die cutting full and half hides of leather with automatic in-feed/ out-feed continuous belt conveyers.

General Specifications of SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press SR 350

  • Head & Bed Size 40” Deep x 96” Wide
  • Cutting Stroke –8” adjustable, with reduced pressure die setting.
  • Daylight Opening -8” without cutting surface.
  • Die Back-UP Plate – Approx. 0.25” thick steel plate mounted to head of press.
  • Guarding – Extruded aluminum framework with Clear Lexan panels including CE safety compliant electrical interlocks on front and rear of press.
  • Hydraulic System – Free standing hydraulic power unit includes pump, hoses, valves, gauges, etc.
    Cutting Pressure – 350 U.S. Tons
Cutting Leather Hide with SCHWABE press

Cutting Full Leather Hide with SCHWABE SR 350 cutting press, located at SCHWABE USA manufacturing plant Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Leather Hide positioned for display purposes only).

Automotive Leather suppliers select with SCHWABE Model SR-350 Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

Auto Suppliers with Howe Logo

Electrical Specifications
Main Motors –50 HP without flywheel, TEFC, 3 phase, AC, 50/60 cycle, 230/460V
Control Circuit – 24/110V, internally transformed

Side view edited

Panel & Box – Enclosure with Allen Bradley PLC controls with touch screen operator interface and all internal wiring included.

Electric controls

  • Operational – Automatic and/or manual controls for set-up and operation, including automatic push button low pressure die height setting, with differential stroke which allows individual setting of bottom of stroke for each station in order to accommodate different die heights and to compensate for various pad thickness utilized. \
  • Internal controls will then permit automatic die height setting (after program values have been set) for each of the sixteen (16) cutting transfer tables, subject to which button is activated.
Press Shutdown – Mushroom type shut-off buttons located on control panel. E-stops placed around both ends of the feed system.

schwabe usa built stronger to last longer

Feed System

  • Type – Automatic Infeed/Outfeed Continuous Belt Conveyer Feed System – with auxiliary lateral transfer capability.
  • Infeed – Consists of two (2) continuous belt conveyors. Also includes metal filler plates and steel side guides to guide cutting pad.
  • Outfeed – Similar to infeed described above. Unit is combined by chain with infeed unit, for synchronous movement.
Drive System – High performance variable speed drive with acceleration/deceleration ramps for smooth feeding of pads through press.

Out Feed close up

Front table

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