ADD a Heated Platen to your Current SCHWABE Press

Heated Platen Cutting Press

SCHWABE USA custom designs / builds a Schwabe Press with heated platen
As OEM SCHWABE also Rebuilds your existing Press with electrically heated platens.

Freeman Schwabe Hydraulic Beam Presses with a Heated Platen have an operating temperature up to 550 degrees F/287 degrees C and includes multiple heating zones.

Software control options feature

  • programmable cycle parameters, job/program storage and recipe handling
  • store up to 250 recipes with the standard control package.

Program & Save

  • pressure & platen position values
  • temperatures including controlled ramp-up and ramp-
  • down rates
  • desired dwell time.

FREE TESTING of Die Cut Heat & Seal on a SCHWABE Hydraulic Beam Press  with a heated platen at our Manufacturing Plant in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Call us now +1 513 947 2888

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