Machine Software to Measure Hydraulic Pressure and Fluid Temperature

Freeman Schwabe Efficient Cutting Presses & Software Solutions

Monitor Machine Hydraulic Pressure
Freeman Schwabe machine press software options include the hydraulic pressure digital readout on the touch screen.
The maximum pressure for that particular die or software program can be stored within the written program itself.

  • When the programmed percentage exceeds the maximum allowable pressure, an error will be displayed on the screen alerting the operator that this has happened.
  • This is helpful in identifying die issues such as a dull die, the wrong material being produced for that program, or a worn cutting surface.
  • The displayed pressure can also be added to be used as a reference only, depending on the customer`s needs.

Track Hydraulic Fluid Temperature

  • As the temperature of the oil exceeds OEM recommendations viscosity will be affected.
    This can cause pressure drops within the hydraulic system which can also affect the cutting pressure.
  • The seals and o-rings within the hydraulic cylinders and valves can prematurely start to disintegrate due to overheating.
  • Carbon deposits from the heated oil will also start to build up within these components and inside the hydraulic tank over long periods of time when running the equipment in extreme environments.
    This leads to downtime due to repairs of the hydraulic system.

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