Schwabe USA integrates Double E unwind stand in Clamp Feed System


Freeman Schwabe is proud to work with partners who are leaders in quality and performance in their industry like the Double E company.

The Double E company designs and produces advanced web handling equipment that allows Freeman Schwabe to run our cutting presses faster, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.


SCHWABE USA integrated this Double E rewind stand in the design and manufacture of the latest SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Press Model SR 300 with a clamp feed system.


The SCHWABE USA SR 300 is used to cut automotive floor mats, feeding in the material from the unwind stand that has built a lazy loop sensor & controls built in.

Unwind stand

The SCHWABE USA Model SR Press has a variety of sizes and systems PLUS a wide range of options to solve your material handing challenges.

schwabe usa built stronger to last longer

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