Cutting Automotive Car Floor Mats on SCHWABE USA SR 300

Die Cutting Automotive Car Floor Mats

Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press w/ Urethane Belt Clamp Feed System

Belt Clamp Feed System w/ Material Unwind Stand featuring Lazy Loop sensor


Belt clamp feed system with Double E unwind stand featuring lazy loop sensor control.


Outside Roll Away Parts Picking conveyor and scrap recycle conveyor

SCHWABE USA series of Hydraulic Cutting Presses

The Schwabe SR Series featuring the Large Rigid Center Guide and Four Cylinders Mounted on the Moving Platen Represent Only 5 Moving Parts on the Press. No Bushings or Bearings = Many Years of Minimal Maintenance


Featuring Chiorino urethane cutting belt and swing up safety guard for easy die change.

OutFeed Roll Away Parts Picking Conveyor, w/ Safety Inter-locks and Dual V-Guide Wheels on Floor Mounted Tracks For Quick Die Change


SR Options

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