Flooring Tiles and Planks – Cutting Presses & Systems

SCHWABE USA manufactures hydraulic cutting presses specifically designed for Flooring Manufacturing of Carpet Tiles and Vinyl Tiles & Planks.

SCHWABE USA manufactures the die cutting presses in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA using the highest quality standards in the components & parts for each press produced to ensure SCHWABE USA presses and systems are made stronger, to last longer.

Schwabe USA supplies die cutting presses and cutting systems to the major global manufacturers in the Flooring Industry, visit our Flooring section on our website to see more information and videos on cutting floor covering tiles Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks and Carpet tiles.

Flooring Cut Sheet FRONTPage-001

Flooring Cut Sheet BACK



For more information contact us by email Sales@FreemanSchwabe.com

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