Carpet Tile Manufacturing Hydraulic Cutting Press – Receding Beam by Freeman Schwabe



Freeman SCHWABE- Receding Beam Hydraulic Cutting Press – Model RB 80 – Ideal Die Cutting Press for Manufacturing / Cutting Carpet Tiles

Manufacturing Benefits Receding Beam Hydraulic Press (Receding Head) 

  • Extremely rigid 4-post construction for minimum deflection and a long service life with a special torque tube/lever mechanical balancing system that keeps the head and bed parallel during the cutting stroke
  • The unique receding cutting head offers swift and shock-free movement that provides the operator with unobstructed view for die placement and clear visibility of cutting area. This reduces cycle time as start and stops transition smoothly without vibration

Freeman SCHWABE – Receding Beam Hydraulic Cutting Press – Model RB 80 

Carpet Tile Receding Beam Cutting Press Specifications

  • Cutting Force: 33-220 US tons
  • Bed Depth: 23 – 59 inches
  • Bed Width: 35 – 98 inches
  • Feed Systems: Hand placed, Roll Feed, Clamp feed.
  • Cutting Surfaces: Cutting Boards, Pads, Hardened ground steel plates

Receding Beam Benefits for Cutting Carpet Tiles

  • Accurate and consistent die cutting time after time
  • Faster cycle times
    • Special rack and pinion head-speed control system 
  • Optional Command Photocell Increases Production and Reduces Operator Fatigue
    • Allows faster cycle times and saves operator movement, thereby reducing operator fatigue.
  • Unique Balancing System Reduces Wear On Cutting Dies and Pads
    • Ensures clean even die cutting and reducing wear on cutting die surfaces.


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