Efficient Material Handling Options integrated with Die Cutting Press Systems


Efficient Material Handling Options

At SCHWABE USA we work closely with our customers to help improve the material handling efficiency within their manufacturing process, to ensure speed, precision and accuracy. 

We offer innovative material handling options to integrate with the SCHWABE cutting presses and putting systems, built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

As a result the SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press series is the die cutting system of choice for leading global manufacturing companies in

  • Floor Covering – Carpet Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks
  • Automotive – Interior Trim, Seat Covers, Car Mats
  • Packaging – Foam& Sponge pads, Converting Paper  

Here is a selection of the most popular innovative material handling options integrated with the SCHWABE SR cutting press system.

  1. Recycle / Scrap Conveyor

Scrap Removal

  2.Automatic Pallet Transfer of Slabs of Material

Automatic Pallet Transfer of Slabs of Material

  3. Vacuum Slab Pick-n-Place

Vacuum Slab Pick-n-Place

4. Powered Bias Conveyor for Slab Alignment

Powered Bias Conveyor for Slab Alignment


5. Automatic Side Die Loading 

Automatic Side Die Loading

6. Fast Automatic Tool Transfer

Fast Automatic Tool Transfer

SR Options.jpg

For more information visit our website www.FreemanSchwabe.com


Email us at sales@freemanschwabe.com


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