Reduce Manufacturing Changeover Time


Lean Manufacturing – Eliminating Waste

The goal of Lean Manufacturing is to improve business profitability by eliminating any process or step that does not contribute to customer value. 

Eliminating waste across the business through small incremental improvement, is generally the management philosophy for the leading & successful companies & industries that use SCHWABE USA cutting presses and systems :

  • Automotive Interior and Trim/Seat Covers
  • Flooring including Carpet Tiles, Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Mats 
  • Foam Packaging
  • Cellulose Sponge
  • Medical Devices
  • Envelopes/Paper


SCHWABE USA and Lean Manufacturing

SCHWABE USA cutting presses and systems contribute to the lean manufacturing process for all material applications, by the simple basic Herman Schwabe design of the press and with the material handling options that can cut costs in your lean manufacturing process.

The SCHWABE presses are designed and built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, they are built stronger to last longer with minimum maintenance, and ease of operation and therefore operators can be trained quicker.

Changing over production equipment from one part to another can cause expensive downtime and can disrupt production efficiency. Efficient manufacturing companies especially in batch production environments, target to reduce changeover times to a single digit or less than 10 minutes, in lean manufacturing this is called SMED [Single-Minute Exchange of Dies].

SCHWABE USA helps you implement the SMED for better production efficiency by incremental time saving benefits :

  1. SCHWABE USA helps you organize the work area around production effectively and facilitate storage areas for dies, tooling and other materials, with the innovative die transfer cart and die storage carts
Fast Automatic Tool Transfer

Die Transfer Cart for quicker cutting die change overs

 Properly balanced transfer carts

Large steel rule dies are transferred by properly balanced carts

2. SCHWABE USA can help establish standard changeover process especially if multiple people involved in a changeover e.g. changing or installing a new cutting belt

3 - Aligning belt splice finger joints

3. SCHWABE USA provides technical support for regular maintenance of equipment and tooling as there is a correlation between time required to change over equipment & tooling and the condition quality of the machine press,  maintaining an efficient die is critical and our new cutting die maintenance station makes this easier to implement.

die maintenance station

Die Transfer Cart for quicker cutting die change overs

4. SCHWABE USA presses allows side die loading for the quicker and safer cutting die changeover. 


SCHWABE USA provides Side Loading Die for quicker changeover  


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