Cutting Floor Covering – SCHWABE USA SR Cutting Press

High Speed Die Cutting – 60 Strokes per minute – Sheet or Roll material

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press, Model SR 230 with 230 tons of cutting force.

Front 1

SCHWABE USA Model SR – Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press – 230 tons

Herman Schwabe innovated the cutting press, developing “simplicity by design”, the Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam press has only three (3) moving parts, providing low maintenance and high efficiency.

SCHWABE USA SR 230 has a cutting speed of 60 strokes per minute

Ideal for all of your high speed lean manufacturing cutting applications either in sheet form or roll materials. The press featured will be used within a manufacturing process in the Floor Covering industry.

Closeup front

The image above shows bellows protection on the hydraulic cylinders and center guide to protect from any material/fiber contamination.

The image below shows the hard piping from the SCHWABE USA SR 230 press mounted manifold block to the hydraulic power unit

Side view


The image below features a top mounted enclosed contamination cover which protects the cylinders and center guide from collecting any material/fiber contamination.

Side Top Hydraulics

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