Automotive Seating Trends

Automotive Seating 

Automotive Seating is a core industry for Freeman Schwabe die cutting presses and therefore we closely monitor the trends and innovation happening in auto seating and interior trim around the world.

The auto interior industry continues to use the traditional cut-and-sew and trim processes. The die cutting process uses nesting of the dies to optimize the fabric-cutting efficiency and minimize the waste material.
Taking the different shapes of material (leather or non-leather fabric) the pieces the material fabrics are sewn together to make the seat covers.

Seating is regarded as the focal point of the automotive interior trim, and the car industry continues to innovate the shape, design and structure of auto seating. In fact there is a Automotive Seating Innovators Summit in Detroit July 25-27 2016 with speakers from all the top automotive manufacturers including Ford, Volkswagen, Fiat / Chrysler, Honda and Tier 1 suppliers Lear Corporation, Johnson Controls, Faurecia.

So what is the current status and trends across the globe in Auto Seating? Lets look at the infographic below supplied by the “Seating Innovators”.

Auto Seating Innovators Summit

It’s interesting to see the market trends in USA, Mexico and Europe are all very positive, which is also positive news for Freeman Schwabe and particularly the manufacturing demands for SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press which is highly regarded by our customers as strong, reliable and accurate cutting for high volume material production. We are also proud that SCHWABE cutting presses are made in USA, since 1935.


Auto Seating Cut Sheet



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