Auto Industry usage of Leather increasing for Seating and Interior Trim

Leather Auto Seating Interior Trim

A key industry for Freeman Schwabe cutting presses, is auto seating and interior trim, so we keep a close watch on trends in the industry.

The auto seating industry is a dynamic market place heavily influenced by the latest design (e.g. furniture), the economy and general business trends.

Leather seating is constantly in the headlines, due to the discussion and promotion of leather alternatives including bio-based fabrics.

At last year’s “International Council of Tanners”  Mike Tomkin, director of sustainability at leather chemicals manufacturer Stahl, reconfirmed that the auto industry’s usage of leather is growing, not declining.

Leather HidesTomkin noted that the leather industry currently processes 54,750,000 hides per year for automotive use and attributed this trend to the “high profit margins automakers can expect to net when optioning cars in leather”.

“They are able to charge around €2,000 [$2,249] more if the car has a leather interior,” he said, “when the extra cost for the OEM is probably €200 or €300. This represents a fantastic margin and this is the real driving force for growth in automotive leather.”

DSCF4832SCHWABE USA is a leading supplier of full and half hide hydraulic cutting presses and roller presses, manufacturing the machines at its plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 

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