Innovation in Auto Seating and Interior Trim

Auto / Car Seating and Interior Trim

Auto Seating and Interior Trim is key industry for SCHWABE USA hydraulic cutting presses and systems, the industry is driven by innovation and is therefore constantly changing and creating new challenges in manufacturing efficiency. 

Johnson Controls a leading supplier in the Auto Interior industry says “Innovation is essential to keep pace with the ever changing and increasing customer needs” and they are changing the way they approach the innovation process.

interior chanGE

Customers have strong preferences when it comes to interior design & styling, and its becoming even more important, as illustrated by the research results below.

WHat drives preferences in interior trim

Johncontrols logo

medum high sector

low high segments

Future Innovation Process

To meet the future challenges Johnson Controls have a long term global strategy titled Interior Vision 2025 with the acronym “IV25” which will evolve Johnson Controls Technology & Innovation vision:

  •   Three global cross functional teams developing our view on the interior of the future
  •   Understand what new technology we must invest in
  •   Fuel our innovation pipeline with new and fresh ideas and concepts to address our customer‘s future needs
  •   Engage with OEM customer strategically

They also plan to identify and validate new technologies in auto interior trim.Interior trim

  • Electrification “smart” surfaces to increase value; lighting, HMI/display, mechatronics manufacturing, color changing, thermal
  •  3D printing (or additive mfg.); (tooling) cost reduction, flexibility, unique design
  •  IP/Cockpit Module redefinition; HVAC elimination/reduction/thermal comfort, Safety, lightweighting and packaging

SCHWABE USA is a leading supplier to the Auto Seating and Interior Trim industry, manufacturing die cutting presses and cutting systems  engineered and built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA ….built stronger to last longer.

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