Efficient Die Handling – Die Storage, Transfer, Quick Die Changeover

Manufacturing Efficiency starts with Eliminating Waste

In manufacturing, managing the flow of materials efficiently and safely adds value to your operation, and helps eliminate waste.

Operating an Efficient Die Cutting Operation

Freeman Schwabe cutting presses are used by leading manufacturers in global industries e.g. Flooring, Automotive Seating & Interior, Medical Devices, Foam, Packaging. Freeman Schwabe works closely with clients to meet its material application needs and the material handling operation, to achieve the highest efficiency across the whole die cutting process.

Freeman Schwabe supplies auxiliary equipment for efficient die handling to improve the overall die cutting process.

Central to the efficiency of the die cutting process is the quality of all the cutting dies used in the cutting press which means the quality of the die handling process i.e. how the dies are stored, how the cutting dies e.g. steel rule dies are retrieved & transferred and how fast the dies are changed over, to maximize up time of the machine press operation.

  • Storage racks for your cutting dies helps protect these valuable assets and ensures they are kept in a safe place for easy retrieval for starting a new operation or a changeover in the existing manufacturing process.

The steel rule die board storage rack below accommodates large die boards 66” or 74”and usually stores 10 die boards or 20 die boards.


Die Rack 2

Steel Rule die board storage rack by Freeman Schwabe

The overall length of the die storage rack depends on the length of the longest die but for handling reasons this should not exceed 21’ (6.5m) and each die slot is allocated a specific die and should be labelled with specifications.

 Properly balanced transfer carts

Die Racks are transferred by properly balanced carts

Specific Steel Rule Die allocation by die slot

Steel Rule Die allocation by die slot for an efficient die cutting operation.

  • Transfer of the cutting die to the to the press should protect die from damage and allow it to be retrieved in a safe and timely manner.
Ball Roller Table

Ball Roller Table handles the die board effortlessly

Below is the Freeman Schwabe die maintenance station – for ease of access, greater safety and improved serviceability of your cutting die.die maintenance station

  • Changing the die in the cutting press, should be a quick, safe and efficient operation.SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press offers a  dual side quick die changeover and is 60% faster than other press die changing methods.


Schwabe Quick Die Change dual side loading machine press

Schwabe USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press offer dual sided die change which is 60% faster than the die changing methods

  • Also available are Quick Change Die Carts
    Quick Change Die Carts are ideal for heavy and large multi-cavity tools that are expensive and awkward to handle. Multiple types of tooling can be accommodated such as Steel Rule Dies, Matched Metal Dies, Flooring Tile Dies etc.

Fast Automatic Tool Transfer

For more information contact sales@freemanschwabe.com

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