Converting Re-Cycled Rubber into Flooring

Cutting Recycled Rubber – A Sustainable Material

More an more recycled rubber is being used in construction projects and day to day 3 circlesflooring solutions contributing to a sustainable environment. 

Recycled rubber mats are generally die cut from large rubber sheets or rolls of rubber and converted to provide: Horse stall mats, Gym mat, Gym flooring, Locker Room mats, Anti-Fatigue mat, Entrance Mat, Kitchen Mats for business and residential.

SCHWABE Presses Cut & Convert Rubber 

cropped-white-schwabe-usa-logo.pngSCHWABE USA die cutting presses are ideal to cut rubber mats as the press provides a wide range of cutting force for the toughest of  materials, and its innovative design is simple for accuracy, reliability and low maintenance.

The SCHWABE USA die cutting presses are built stronger to last longer, and are built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. and as a manufacturer we are committed to improving thschwabe usa built stronger to last longere sustainability of our company across our manufacturing process, our products, our suppliers and our customers.


Untitled 2Freeman Schwabe Recycles

We continue to recycle all scrap metals (steel, aluminum, brass, etc.) as well as:
paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and hydraulic oil.


SCHWABE Presses and Systems

SCHWABE Straight Ram Beam Press (Model SR ) has a broad range of standard features and options along with custom options.

MASTER Freeman SCHWABE Capabilities 2015 -2016.018

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