Chiorino cutting belts for Freeman Schwabe cutting presses.

canva-log-schwabe-usa-great-placeFreeman Schwabe is an authorized distributor for Chiorino belting products.

Freeman Schwabe and Schwabe USA die cutting presses uses Chiorino die cutting belts because as they are referred to as “the finest die cutting belt available”.


The P4 Series die cutting belts are extremely hard with a 85 durometer shore D, and these belts outlast urethane covered belts 4 to 6 times generally, although belt life depends upon the application, quality and condition of the cutting die and the quality of the die cutting press.



The P4P die cutting belt is unique, as in addition to its 85 shore D hardness, it has a bare nylon cutting surface which reduces risk of contamination, which is a significant benefit when cutting light colored product or materials for the cosmetic or medical industry. technical-data

We also offer Chiorino cutting belts for all brands of belt feed die cutting presses!

Contact our sales team for more information or to order a new cutting belt from Chiorino.


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