Save Valuable Manufacturing Floor Space Buy a SCHWABE Model DG Beam Press

The increasingly popular SCHWABE Model DG  Up-Stroking Hydraulic Beam Press is versatile, robust and uses a small manufacturing space.

In fact the SCHWABE Model DG saves up to 54% of manufacturing floor space versus a standard cutting press with same tonnage.


The Up-Stroking Hydraulic Beam Press is a popular choice for die cutting and mold & trim.

Model DG offers a powerful hydraulic machine press using minimal manufacturing space for maximum productivity.

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Model DG Specifications

  • Cutting Force – Thirty Five (35) U.S. Tons /
  • Fifty (50) U.S. Tons
  • Head & Bed Size – 30” x 34”
  • Cutting Stroke – 6” adjustable
  • Daylight Opening – 8”
  • Cutting Surface – 1″ polypropylene cutting pad / Mounted on head or bed of press
  • Approximate Weights/ Dimensions ~ 6,000 lbs/ ~ 88”L x 50”W x 63”H

Model DG Machine Featuresdg-footprint

  • Manually operated sliding table feed system
  • Double Shuttle Availability 
  • Optional power operated table
  • OSHA Safety Compliant
  • Easy set digital display for die height adjustment
  • Reduced pressure die setting
  • Operational with die edge up or down
  • Sturdy box frame construction 

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