Maintenance, Repair & Operations – Buying & Selling

A recent survey by UPS shows the potential gaps in buyers and sellers perceptions within the business environment of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO).

The study emphasizes the growing influence of technology in changing the MRO buying and selling options and expectations.

The full results are available here 2016 UPS study, Growing MRO Business: Closing the Gaps buyer-seller

The findings that follow show where communications gaps may lie between buyers and sellers, and point to disruptions on the horizon that may change where sellers are placing their business bets.
This study is based on a survey of 300 professionals working in the discipline of Industrial Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) within companies generating over $10 million in annual sales revenue”. Kelly Brock, UPS

Aligning seller capabilities with buyer needs


Current State of the Seller


How MRO Buyers and Sellers Interact across different Channels


Criteria for selecting an MRO supplier


The Assessing Present and the Future of MRO



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