People – Safety – First…is your Machine Press 100% OSHA Compliant?

imagesAlways put the Safety of your Workforce at the top of your Purchasing Criteria

Freeman Schwabe supplies top quality cutting presses, and we are proud to promote the safety of the machines we sell…….

Every Freeman Schwabe press is 100% OSHA compliant.

We also encourage the implementation of safety standard practices in the work shop environment e.g.


  • Training – people should be trained  to operate machinery and to know the tools and parts to maintain the machine to operate efficiently and meeting the strictest safety standards.
  • Workers need to wear the OSHA protection equipment gear where and when appropriate e.g. goggles, gloves, and avoid clothing risks i.e. loose fitting clothes


  • In machine shops avoid working alone.


  • Keep the workplace tidy maintain clear walkways between machines and to entrances / exits, keep work cells clean and uncluttered


  • Inspect machines regularly before use and always leave clean for next operator






Top 5 Key Safety features on Freeman Schwabe cutting pressessafety-interlock-switchhead-safety-block-shown-with-safety-interlock-switch

  • Every press with door guard has a Safety Interlock

  • Every hydraulic cutting press has Key Stop switch

  • Every cutting press has a Head Safety Block

  • Every hydraulic cutting press has E Stop Safety Relays

  • Every open machine has Light curtain safety shut down

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