Work Cell Manufacturing – Compact Cutting and Mold Trim Hydraulic Press

corporate-logo-plus-great-place-to-workSCHWABE USA Up-Stroking Beam Press – Ideal for Work Cell Manufacturing

The compact SCHWABE USA Model DG 35 is powerful flexible up stroking hydraulic beam press which makes it perfect for work cell manufacturing, and with an attractive price point of less than $100,000.

This makes it affordable for multiple machines across different work cell stations in a cellular manufacturing environment, e.g. making components in the manufacture of Instrumental Panels in the Automotive Interior Trim industry.

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The SCHWABE USA Model DG 35 and 50 tons which are built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and are made stronger to last longer, and suitable for accurate die cutting and compression molding & mold trim AND use minimal manufacturing space while providing maximum productivity



SCHWABE DG 35 and 50 tons

General Specifications

Cutting Force – Thirty Five (35) U.S. Tons / Fifty (50) U.S. Tons
Head & Bed Size – 30” x 34”
Cutting Stroke – 6” adjustable
Daylight Opening – 8”
Cutting Surface – 1″ polypropylene cutting pad / Mounted on head or bed of press
Approximate Weights/ Dimensions ~ 6,000 lbs/ ~ 88”L x 50”W x 63”H

Electrical Specifications
Power Requirements – 230V / 460V, 3 phase, 60 HZ
Controls – Internally transformed with two hand, anti-tie down push button for activation.

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