Cutting Vinyl Auto Interior Trim


Freeman Schwabe recently delivered a new SCHWABE USA SR 230 Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press  with a Urethane Belt Feed Clamping System to one of the largest manufacturers of auto interiors & car interior trim in the industry.

Our customer produces overheads & soft trim, doors & hard trim, seats & metal, lighting and cockpits & consoles for a wide range of automobile  clients, providing the interior equipment for more than 300 different automobile models, in 26 countries with 161 production plants & centers using “just in time”manufacturing.

SCHWABE USA presses are proudly made in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Schwabe SR 230 Urethane Belt Feed Clamping System. 

Index speed is 40 IPS (inches per second)

Here we show the SCHWABE USA Model SR 230 test cutting vinyl (for a dashboard interior trim), on a urethane belt feed clamping system.


Schwabe SR 230 Urethane Belt Feed Clamping System.

Watch video below of the pneumatic clamping beam feed system.

The press includes the option of a horizontal fan cooled heat exchanger.  thumb_dscf4973_1024


All SCHWABE USA presses are fully compliant with OSHA Safety standards, here is an example showing dual in feed e-stop buttons.


For more information or RFQ contact

schwabe usa built stronger to last longer

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