Die Cut Heat Seal – SCHWABE Cutting Press

Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press SR 230 with Electrically Heated Platen – Auto Interior Parts

Schwabe Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press, Model SR 230 with 230 US tons of cutting force with electrically heated platen and Infeed and Outfeed pinch roll feed system with pneumatically operated die rails cutting against a Nylon Pad or Hardened ground steel plate.




Utilizes Steel Rule Die board or a precision Machined Metal Die.


This heated platen comes equipped with separate control panel with four heating zones.

Standard feature include programmable dwell time (up to 2 minutes or longer depending on the application requirements). The recipe for each program or job is saved in the HMI for future recall. Programmable ton- nage is also an Option.

The SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press can use top heat, bottom heat or both depending upon your application or your customer’s requirement.

SCHWABE Hydraulic Presses with heated platen are designed, engineered & assembled in Cincinnati, Ohio USA to meet the needs of your die cut heat seal application.

Press size, tonnage, cycle parameters, dwell time, heat specifications and the level of control software sophistication are all designed to maximize your manufacturing process.


Die Cut Heat Seal

Software control options feature programmable cycle parameters, job/program storage and recipe handling capability. Up to 250 individual recipes can be stored with our standard control package.




Operators have the ability to program and save pressure & platen position values, tem- perature specifications including accurately controlled ramp-up and ramp-down (cooled) rates, and desired dwell time. Temperature accuracy can be controlled with a basic sin- gle-zone controller or a more accurate multiple zone system for increased temperature uniformity across the platen and bed of the press.

Each SCHWABE Heated Platen Hydraulic Press comes equipped with its own tempera- ture control zone that is set and displayed on the operator panel.


Email: contact@FreemanSchwabe.com

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