Up-Stroking Cutting Press DG-HD 75 tons prices starting at $99,000


Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press 
Model DG-HD 75 tons starting at $99,000

SCHWABE USA DG-HD Up-Stroking Hydraulic Cutting Press with Platen Press option 


SCHWABE DG-HD75 (Heavy Duty) Hydraulic Cutting Press with Cutting Force of 75 US Tons

The SCHWABE Model DG-HD can be customized to meet your individual production requirements including various types of Feed Systems whether you are die cutting Narrow Roll or Sheet Goods. 
• Automatic or Manual operation
• Cutting Force 75 US Tons 
• Bed Sizes range from DG-HD 40” x 40”.




Model DG-HD Compact, Versatile and Strong

With a compact & efficient manufacturing foot print, it is ideal for work cell manufacturing, as used by top tier Automotive Interior companies


SCHWABE Model DG-HD Features

  • Manually operated sliding table feed system – Sliding table permits unobstructed loading and unloading
  • Double Shuttle Availability – can be equipped with two (2) sliding tables for increased production
  • Power Operated table is Optional
  • OSHA Safety Compliant/ CE Available upon request
  • Easy set digital display for die height adjustment
  • Reduced pressure die setting
  • Operational with die edge up or down
  • Sturdy box frame construction and small footprint
  • Fast & Easy to operate and virtually shock & vibration free

Model DG-HD 75 Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press with Heated Platen option for Die Cut Heat Seal Applications 

Features include variable and independent temperature control for top and bottom heated platens, variable dwell time and variable tonnage control if needed. 


SCHWABE Model DG-HD75 Hydraulic Up-Stroking Cutting Press – with Heated Platen option for Die Cut Heat Seal Applications

• Additionally, the heated platens which are also made in the USA can be located if your process requires on both the head of the press as well as the bed of the press.
• The electric heated platens with multiple heating zones provide uniform heat distribution and precise temperature control across the entire platen surface. 
• Temperature accuracy is monitored & controlled by separate control panel and if required can be incorporated into the Allen Bradley PLC unit for ease of operation. 
• Standard temperatures are up to 400 degrees F.  The heated platens include approximately 1” think of insulation protecting the steel weldment head and if applicable, steel weldment bed of the press.
•  Ideal materials and applications requiring a heated platen press to die cut, heat seal would include, but not limited to, various textiles, fibers, non-woven materials, and various foam materials


Die Cut Heat Seal parts – SCHWABE Model DG-HD 75 

•  Tools can be mounted with either fixed position die rails or mechanically adjustable die rails enabling greater flexibility when various size die boards are required.


Model DG-HD with platen press option – Prices start at $115,000.00 (USD)


Download the SCHWABE Model DG and DG-HD product cut sheets with detailed specifications below.



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