Die Cutting Press Advanced Support Services available with Freeman Schwabe


 Advanced Support Contract

What’s included in Advanced Support Technical Service Contract

  •  Unlimited phone/email support during the 1 year contract period
  •  10% discount on all part orders as well as any services provided during the contract period
  •  5% discount on all belt orders
  •  Priority service: Should a service call be needed at a time when the service schedule is full, the advanced support contract allows you to become PRIORITY above any customer who has not purchased a service contract

The Advanced Service Agreement also includes ONE FREE visit to your facility during the contract period.

During this visit, our technician will perform the following maintenance and inspection:

  • Inspect level of machine and head
  • Check hydraulic pressure
  • Inspect hydraulic and gearbox oil. Change if needed.Customer responsible for disposal of used oil as well as providing new oil/filter for change
  • Inspect points of friction for wear
  • Inspect press structure
  • Inspect hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and fittings
  • Check function of all safety equipment and devices o Recommend any replacement parts
  • Retrain operators if needed
  • Make any adjustments if needed
  • Verify proper operation of machine

For more information on Advanced Service Contract

CONTACT : sales@freemanschwabe.com

+1 513 947 2888

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