SCHWABE USA Presses – Made In Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Herman Schwabe innovator

Herman Schwabe was an American pioneer and innovator in the manufacture of die cutting machines.

Which later developed into the sophisticated hydraulic die cutting presses we engineer and build today at Freeman Schwabe’s manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.Freeman Schwabe Headquarters


SCHWABE USA Presses and Cutting Systems are rugged, dependable and durable & engineered and built in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA ….built stronger to last longer

schwabe usa built stronger to last longer

Our engineers will work with you to analyze your production requirements and find the best design solution for you application needs.

SCHWABE Hydraulic Presses Capabilities
Cut Roll or Sheet Goods
Handles Large Die Boards with Large Amounts of Rule
Kiss Cutting Capabilities Through Mechanical Stops
Feed Systems – Roll Feed, Clamp Feed, Single & Dual Sliding Tables,
Manual & Powered Tables, Progressive Die Cutting, Vacuum Die Cutting

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Beam Hydraulic Presses

Manufacturing Benefits

1. OEM manufactured by SCHWABE USA in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, providing quality assurance and superior long term performance AND 100% OSHA compliant.


2. The hydraulic cylinder placement, when used on a solid platen, tends to elastically match the deflection of the table bed rather than the separation that will occur with pull down (4 Post) press designs.
The Schwabe Straight Ram SR Series design allows for full tonnage over the entire stroke of the platen.

3. Side die loading is a unique option with this design while providing fast die changeover benefits typically less than 3 minutes, Quick Die Change (QDC)

Fast Automatic Tool Transfer

4. The press dimensions can be customized without affecting the action of the press. This is because the platen guiding and cylinder mounting are centralized in the top structure. The Press dimensions start at 32” Deep x 64” Wide and are available up to 60″ x 80″ or larger

5. The bed height can be lower than pull down or base linkage presses since the beds only function is to provide a flat stiff structure, working height is ergonomically friendly at 36” ( 900mm)

6. The press structure is simple and has only three moving parts namely: platen, center 579313.jpgguide, and hydraulic cylinder rods. Because of this design simplicity the maintenance of the press itself is limited to lubrication. No linkage movement, no bushing, bearings etc. hidden inside the press weldment which are expensive to repair, maintain, replace.

7. The unique Schwabe SR Series Press design makes it easy to incorporate all types of material infeed and outfeed systems, excellent for cutting roll or sheet materials.

8. Hydraulic cylinders are removable from the open structure of the top piece not hidden in a table bed structure. Rod seals can be changed without removing the cylinders in most designs.
Hydraulics featuring Rex Roth Cylinders, Valves, Pumps, free standing power unit allows easy access for maintenance.

9. Allen Bradley controls standard; Siemens optional

10. The SR can be fitted with various positive stop configurations: table, platen, and overhead mounted stops. The over head stops are especially suited for side die loading applications. Positive Stops are used when cutting against a belt or steel for kiss-cutting applications.


For more information and RFQ

+1 513 947 2888

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