Freeman Schwabe uses eWon for remote machine technical diagnostics for faster customer service.

Freeman Schwabe proudly uses eWon on our Cutting Presses for remote machine access & connectivity, providing faster technical diagnostics and lower service costs.

CorporateeWON is a brand of HMS Industrial Networks with three decades of experience in Industrial Communication. HMS develops and manufactures solutions for connecting automation devices and systems to Industrial Networks.

eWon Features:

  • Allows remote access to your machine worldwide
  • Internet connection to the machine is all thats needed
  • eWon provides Global technical support 
  • Free connectivity with No Annual Fee!

EWon Logo

eWon Benefits:

  • Easy set and installation
  • Allows for software upgrades to be easily uploaded to your machine remotely
  • Provides remote diagnostics
    • = Faster technical support 
    • = Lower Cost as it avoids cost of service visit

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