Improving Speed & Efficiency and Safety of Die Cutting Manufacturing Operations.

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Schwabe USA supplies dedicated cutting die handling equipment and innovative side die  loading facility incorporated into the Schwabe press, to improve the speed, efficiency and safety of your manufacturing operation.

A well organized die handling procedure for transfer, storage, retrieval and changeover of dies is the core of an efficient die cutting operation of non metallic materials.

Steel Rule Die Rack – Transfer, Storage and Retrieval equipment includes well balanced transfer carts.

Die Cutting Board to be loaded on to Die Vac systems and Cut by schwabe press

These carts allow a single worker slide individual dies in and out of the vertical die rack and on & off roller tables.
The height of the Die Rack must accommodate the width of the dies (usually either 66” or 74”), and the depth must accommodate the lengths of the dies.  Die Racks usually contain either 10 die boards or 20 die boards.
The length of the die rackwill acco, which for handling reasons will not exceed 21’ (6.5m). 
A full size (74” x 21’), die loaded with up to 20 layers of material usually weighs about 350-450 lbs. Actual weight will depend on the amount of steel used in the cavities.

Ball Roller Tables

Roller Ball Table4773002_orig

Ball roller tables are used to transfer the dies in any direction as they go from spreading to the press to the picking to the die cleaning tables, etc.

Cutting Die Maintenance Station

SCHWABE Die Maintenance Station – for ease of access, greater safety and improved serviceability of your cutting die.

Side Die Loading on the Schwabe USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press. 

Multiple types of tooling can be accommodated such as
Steel Rule Dies,
Matched Metal Dies,
Flooring Tile Dies etc.

Side Loading Die - 60% Faster than other die changing methods SCHWABE USA Model SR350 Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

Side Loading Die – 60% Faster than other die changing methods  SCHWABE USA Model SR350 Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press

YouTube logoSide Loading Die Demonstration

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press is the proven popular choice for Lean Manufacturing Efficiency across global industries: Automotive Interior Trim, Floor Tiles Carpet & Vinyl, Foam / Sponge, Medical Devices, Packaging

Die Tool Automatic Transfer Cart

Provides faster change over

Fast Die Transfer Cart

Automatic Side Die Loading using Automatic Transfer Cart

For quicker die changes and significantly reduced machine downtime…its 75% faster 

YouTube logoAutomatic Side Die Loading video demonstration

For more information +1 513 947 2888


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