Retrofit or Rebuild your Freeman Schwabe Press in 2018, and SAVE 30%

Untitled 2

Save UP to 30% with UPGRADE vs NEW Press

Upgrade your Cutting Press & Save up to 30% vs the cost of a new machine…..we rebuild / upgrade any hydraulic cutting press.


We Rebuild / Upgrade / Retrofit or Convert ALL Makes / Brands of Hydraulic Cutting Presses e.g. Freeman Schwabe, Herman Schwabe Inc., ATOM, Associated Pacific, Chenfeng.

Here is an example of a Rebuilt Chenfeng press


Chenfeng before-2_1


Chenfeng After1_orig

Remember Only SCHWABE as the OEM is qualified to Convert Rebuild or Retrofit your Schwabe Press

Here is an example of a Rebuilt SCHWABE SR 115 Press



Schwabe 115 before


SCHWABE 115 after


List Rebuild SCHWABE

For more information

+1 513 947 2888

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