Dual Heated Platens Compression Press capable of variable Temperature, Dwell and Pressure

New Innovation from SCHWABE USA in Compression Hydraulic Press

Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Compression Press – Model SR115 with dual heated platens 

Dual Heated Platens 

Press has the capability for Variable Temperature, Dwell and Pressure (Tonnage)

Upper and lower heated platens with controls and four (4) zones for each.
Includes Teflon covering on both heated platens to prevent material sticking during processing


Cutting Platen Size – 60”D x 75”W

Cutting Stroke – 15” adjustable

Daylight Opening – 14” including heated platens with insulation

Dual Heated Platens – Upper and lower heated platens with controls and four (4) zones for each.

Heated Platen Power Requirements – 480 VAC, 3 phase, 250 Amp – up to 450 degrees F

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Speed Specifications

Speed – Average open/close speed 4.1 IPS


The freestanding hydraulic powered unit

– 14” stroke (up and down), 0.125” at pressure = 8.5 seconds without dwell

- Low Press Close Speed – 2.70 IPS/ 678.6 MMPS

- High Press Speed – 0.60 IPS/ 15.3 MMPS

– Open Speed – 5.52 IPS/ 140.0 MMPS

IMG_0203Features Head Lock-up Pins which automatically engage when press platen is in the “up” position

DSCF5332Safety Guarding – Meets or exceeds all OSHA machine safety requirements including specification 1910.217(f) as interpreted by manufacturer.

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EMail: sales@freemanschwabe.com

Call +1 513 947 2888

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