Allen Bradley controls plus Innovative Manufacturing Software available on Freeman Schwabe cutting systems.

The latest Freeman Schwabe production of Model FH200 , Cutting on Belt Feed System (Belt Direct Drive) features an updated Panel Control by Allen Bradley and touch screen operator interface controls ( menu driven), and includes a 250 die memory for recall of feed length, sheet rows, etc (accessed through a touch screen).

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With Allen Bradley controls and Freeman Schwabe software you can plan and operate an efficient manufacturing operation, and continually improve your process.

Let’s look at the Panel Controls starting with a look at the MAIN MENU screen:


The screen displays valuable information with regard the overall production activity and the performance of the machine press e.g.

  • current status of the machine
  • how far into the batch the press currently is. When the batch size is reached, the press will be put into hold mode. Press “BATCH RESET” to reset the batch count.
  • the number of cuts in the batch which is not made yet.
  • the total cuts since the total counter was last reset. Press“TOTAL RESET” to reset the TOTAL COUNT.

With the Allen Bradley PLC touch screen and the Freeman Schwabe software design it becomes an easy task to train a new machine operator.


From the MAIN MENU SCREEN, when the operator presses the “MACHINE SETUP” button.

The SETUP SCREEN #1 will be displayed as follows:

2- Setting Die HeightNEXT Press “AUTO DIE HEIGHT”.

The auto die height circuits will be enabled. The head will move downward under low speed and low pressure.

When the head stops moving, its location will be stored in the controller, as the correct die height for the selected die and pad.

To complete a Test Cut the operator is guided by Freeman Software displayed bythe touch screen:

Place material to be cut on the infeed belt.

Press and hold the button, “FEED JOG FORWARD”, until the material is underneath the cutting head, and then release the button.

Make a test cut by pressing and holding the “MANUAL CUT” button. The head will then make a cut cycle under full speed and pressure. When the head reaches its bottom position, the head will rise.

Press and hold the button, “FEED JOG REVERSE”, until the material is fed out of the cutting area, and then release the button.

Inspect the cut pieces, the adjust accordingly:

a)  If the cut is not complete, press the button, “DECR (MORE CUT)”. The bottom position will be lowered, as displayed in the “DIE HEIGHT” readout.

b)  If the cut is too deep, press the button, “INCR (LESS CUT)”.The bottom position will be raised, as displayed in the “DIE HEIGHT” readout.

c)  Repeat the adjustment until the cutting result is satisfactory.


After the Die Height is set properly, the software allows you to edit a program for a particular die.

Upon pressing the “EDIT” button from the MAIN MENU SCREEN, after entering the correct password, the EDIT PROGRAM SCREEN will then be displayed as follows:

3- Edit Program

This screen will allow you to set the parameters for the particular die being used.

FEED LENGTH: This is the distance that the material will be fed between cuts.

DIE HEIGHT : If the die height is known, it may be entered directly through this parameter.


UP TIMER (DAYLIGHT): This is the distance up which the head will travel after the cut is made. This distance must be great enough to allow room for the material being cut.

DWELL TIMER: This refers to the time that the head stays at the bottom under no pressure after cutting stroke is completed. The function is especially useful when cutting foam.

PARTS PER CUT: This is the number of cut parts per cut.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Program description can be any combination of letters and numbers to identify the parts being made. This will then be displayed on the main menu when the program is active. Also will be displayed in KPI online.


Freeman Schwabe report software provides valuable insights and data in several reports which may viewed on screen or printed out.


4-Maintenance Report

This screen will display how many hours and cycles the press has made since it was manufactured, how many hours the press has been in idle (turned on but not running in automatic), how many hours the press has been in Emergency Stop (E-STOP), and how many hours the press has been run in the Automatic Mode.

Pressing the “MAINTENANCE TRACK SCREEN” will display the MAINTENANCE RESET REPORT as follows:


The Freeman Schwabe software determines when regular maintenance of the cutting press is required.

This screen will display the total number of run hours on the press. By comparing that time to the times displayed, it can be determined if the next weekly, monthly, semi-annual and bi-annual maintenance is due.

After a scheduled maintenance is performed, press the “ENTER THE NUMBER OF THE MAINTENANCE COMPLETED” button, and then enter the number of the maintenance completed (1 for weekly, 2 for monthly, etc.) The screen will then display when the next maintenance is to be performed.



Upon pressing the “SHIFT REPORT” button from the EDIT PROGRAM SCREEN,3- Edit Program

the screen will be displayed as follows:


This screen will display the number of cycles the press has made, the number of hours the press has been idle, the number of hours that the press has been in Emergency Stop (E-STOP), and the number of hours that the press has been run in automatic. These times are all accumulated since the last time that the report has been reset.

Pressing the “RESET SHIFT REPORT” will reset all these hours to zero (0). This is a convenient way to keep track of press use during each shift.

For more information contact

+1 513 947 2888

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