Cutting Automotive Soft Trim with High Productivity & Material Utilization

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Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press With Single Sided Die Vacuum System – SCHWABE USA Model SR470 

Cutting Force: 470 U.S. Tons

Head Size: 40” Deep x 81” Wide

Die Board Size: 74.25” Wide x 216.25” Long

Maximum Material Width: 65″

Cutting Stroke: 8” adjustable, with reduced pressure die setting.

Daylight Opening: 12”, without cutting surface.

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SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press with die vacuum cutting system.

High volume manufacture of automotive interior trim components is achieved with great precision and excellent material efficiency using Ontario Die International’s die vacuum system on a SCHWABE progressive feed straight ram hydraulic beam press.

This system of diecutting is used for cutting both rolled and sheeted laminated fabrics and vinyl in multiple layers in widths up to 2m wide.

 The die vacuum system precompresses laminated materials prior to cutting on SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press therefore eliminating material movement and insuring accurately cut parts.

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Advantages when Manufacturing Auto Soft Trim Components

• 100% cutting accuracy.
• Almost zero scrap parts.
• Tremendous productivity.
• Excellent fabric utilization.
• Occupies less floor space than other systems.
• Material will not move while cutting.
• Pattern complexity immaterial to productivity. All interior blades and punches cut simultaneously.
• CAD pattern nesting utilized.
• Each ply is consistently cut, top to bottom.
• Can easily cut 250,000 linear inches of material per minute!

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