Freeman SCHWABE Cutting Presses & Systems will be attending the Foam Expo North America Conference and Trade Show.

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Foam Expo – Conference & Exhibition March 6 – 8th 2018

Freeman SCHWABE will be attending the Foam Expo North America Conference and Trade Show in Novi, Michigan during March 6 – 8th 2018.


Foam Expo North America provides us the opportunity to review the foam technology trends and the latest innovative foam applications across different industries e.g. auto interior trim, packaging and medical which are key business sectors for Freeman SCHWABE. In addition to attending the conference we will meet with current and potential customers for Freeman Schwabe & SCHWABE USA foam cutting presses. 

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Contact Us / Opportunity to Meet at Foam Expo
If you will also be at the Foam Expo let’s take the opportunity to meet up.
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LogoFoam Expo is North America’s first free to attend exhibition and conference for the manufacturers and buyers of technical foam products and technologies, as well as the entire foam supply chain……..Foam Expo will highlight the latest product applications, services and equipment from multiple sectors, including: adhesives & sealants, converting & fabricating, equipment & machinery, foam manufacturing, raw materials, recycling and testing from the following industry
verticals: aerospace, automotive, construction, medical, packaging, 
and sports& leisure. “

Link to FREE Registration to Foam Expo

Freeman SCHWABE launches NEW Full Head Hydraulic Beam Press Model FH100 with In and Out Roll Feeds

Watch machine Demo on Freeman SCHWABE YouTube Channel
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Charts for FH100 Cellofoam.002Foam Expo Venue address
Hall B & C, Suburban Collection Showplace,
46100 Grand River Ave,
Novi, MI 48387, USA

Opening Hours
Tuesday March 6 9.30am – 5.30pm
Wednesday March 7 9.30am – 5.30pm
Thursday March 8 9.30am – 3.00pm

Front FinalAuto Interior #3

FINAL FRONT DG CUT SHEETBACK dg-cut-sheet-final_1_orig

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