Energy-efficient Hydraulics slash operating costs

Freeman Schwabe is proud to work with best in class suppliers like Hydrotech which builds the stand alone hydraulic power units for the Schwabe USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press.

Cutting energy costs in hydraulic systems by up to 80%.

Hydrotech is respected for their innovative ideas and technical expertise, and also the development of Energy Efficient Hydraulics, for example, the variable-speed pump which drives supply for only the power a process requires, cutting energy costs in hydraulic systems by up to 80%.


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Typical applications

Variable-speed pump drives aren’t warranted for every hydraulic system.

But engineers should consider them whenever a machine cycle has fluctuating flows. “Intelligent” servodrives sense demand and regulate speed and, thus, power consumption of the electric motors. The more time a machine spends running under partial-load conditions, the greater the potential energy savings.

Applications where variable-speed pump drive offer substantial energy savings include: • Machine tools • Plastics-processing machines • Die casting • Presses • Woodworking and Papermaking.


Traditional hydraulics run at a constant speed and generate flow without regard to the actual power needed by a machine.
• Variable speed electric drives rotate pumps at their most efficient speed to supply only the hydraulic power a process requires.
• Engineers should consider using variable speed pump drives whenever a machine cycle has fluctuating flows.

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