Semi-Automatic Envelope Blank Cutting Press Freeman SCHWABE – Model EM30

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Freeman Schwabe Model EM30 Semi-Automatic Envelope Blank Cutting Press


Both Open End and Side Seam Envelopes

Smallest size of 3 x 5 Side seam to a 10 x 15 Open end

Using 3 sets of blades

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Freeman Schwabe Model EM30 Specifications

Cutting Force – 33 U.S. Tons

Machine Bed – 25.6 ”D x 68.9” W
Head Size – 25.6” D x 28.3” W
Cutting Stroke – 5.1”
Daylight – 9.6”

Traveling Head Double-chain Drive Mechanism – with frequency converter cushion system for soft start and soft stop.
Magnetic Head included 

Cutting Surface –Polypropylene cutting pad and a pad oscillator located on the bed.
Die Lubricating Device
X-Y adjustable material side guide
Front and Rear scrap conveyors
Hydraulic System – Hydraulic system includes pump, filters, valves, oil cooler, etc.
Hydraulic Oil – Type #46-AW; not Included

Working Height – 35.63” (from floor to the cutting pad)

Safety Guarding – Meets or exceeds all OSHA machine safety requirements including specification 1910.217(f) as interpreted by Manufacturer.

Keyence Light Curtains
Head Safety Block – For working under the head of the press.

E-Stop Safety Relays – These relays provide 3 primary functions:
        Detect faults on safety-related electrical control circuits (i.e. faults in sensors, wiring, contactors, etc.)
        Provides an ensured switching action.
        Provides a manual reset facility.

Panel Control – Allen Bradley PLC Controls without touch screen.

Die Height Setting Device

+1 513 947 2888

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