Clamp Feed Urethane Belt Feed System – Die Cutting Fabric for Auto Interior Trim

Cut Sheet heading

SCHWABE Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press Model SR300
Cutting Acrylic Material with Clamp Feed Urethane Cutting Belt Feed System


General Specifications

Country of Manufacture – USA

Press Driving Mechanism – Hydraulics

Cutting Force – 300 U.S. Tons

Bed & Platen Size – 60” D x 80” W

Maximum Material Width – 68”

Min Material Thickness – 1mm (0.04”)

Max Material Thickness – 6mm (0.25”)

Steel rule height – 32mm (1.25”)

Board Thickness – 16mm (0.63”)

Cutting Speed ~ 10 strokes per minute with 60” index and 2” stroke

Cutting Stroke – 8” fully adjustable

Daylight Opening – 9” from head to bed without cutting surface

Stroke Control – Controlled by linear transducer for accurate positioning of the moving platen.


Heavy duty tubular steel clamping beam feed system. One moving clamp to index material and one stationary clamp to hold down material during cut cycle.

  Notice Head Safety Block w/ electrical interlock for safety

All access doors feature safety interlock switches with LED lights for quick trouble-shooting


Shown with the Choice of an Outfeed Parts Picking Conveyor in which the cycle speed is synched with the cutting belt speed using standard VFD’s or the choice of Servo Drives.

  The Parts Picking Conveyor moves laterally or horizontally for easy die change, less than 5 minutes. 

The Outfeed guard swings conveniently up and out of the way for operator to change tooling; notice the dual e-stop buttons



Features a utilitarian transfer plate between the end of the cutting belt and the beginning of the parts picking conveyor allowing cut parts and web to easily move into position for easy and efficient operator handling.


Features Pneumatically adjustable and locking die clamps with center clamp device that enables the die board to be flush against the orange Moving Platen at all times.

In this view, the Outfeed safety guard is in the up position allowing for easy, fast and repeatable die changeover in less than 5 minutes.DSCF5663

Infeed view of the Schwabe Model SR300 w/ Clamp Feed Urethane Cutting Belt Feed System 


Featuring Allen Bradley HMI (Seimens HMI is also a Choice) in color with robust data capabilities. All Software is written and serviced by Freeman SCHWABE engineering located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

  Remote connectivity is accomplished for remote on-demand service by our eWon Cosi device; this is complimentary.

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