Machine Press Flooring Equipment – Cutting Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) from Slab Feeder

Precision Cutting LVT with Automatic Slab Feeder.

SCHWABE USA Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press Model SR 180

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General Specifications

Cutting Force – 180 U.S. Tons
Head & Bed Size – 60”D x 60”W
Cutting Stroke – 8”, fully adjustable
Daylight Opening – 12”, from head to bed (FSM to confirm with tool builder)
Cutting Speed – 12 strokes per minute, assuming a 1.5” stroke and 52” feed.
Stroke Control – Motorized positive stops located in head of press
Die Mounting – Fixed position pneumatic die rails in head of press for Pieper style tooling, maximum weight of 4,500 lbs. Separate die loading rails on the in feed and out feed section of the machine allows tooling to be loaded and unloaded while the machine is running, greatly reducing the changeover downtime. 
Cutting Surface – Nylon cutting belt,

Luxury Vinyl Tile die cutting press machine

SCHWABE USA – Model SR-180 cutting luxury floor tiles with automatic slab feeder

SCHWABE Press Construction

Construction – Central Guide Straight Ram Electro Hydraulic Beam Press with multiple cylinder hydraulic system. The cylinders also act as the actuating mechanism of the press, pushing down from a top structure vs. pulling down from a bottom structure.

The cylinders are mounted inboard on the press in order to create a matching deflection between the head and the bed, rather than having them gap the way conventional four post units tend to do.

The heavy duty, rigid, large diameter center guide is used to keep the head and bed parallel vs. a hydraulic balancing system or some type of linkage mechanism. This type of construction eliminates the need for adjustment should the system be carrying an unbalanced load.

Additional SR Series Features:
The “SR” straight ram press is capable of developing full tonnage through the entire stroke.
Minimal parts assures low maintenance
Many JIC components for available global sourcing
Over 700 SR Series Machines In Production Around the World – Proven Robust Design
3 Basic Moving Parts in the SR Design – An Exclusive Benefit of the Freeman Schwabe SR Series – No Linkage Involvement – results in less scheduled maintenance & low spare parts inventory.



Feed System

Type – Continuous nylon cutting belt, traveling through press, utilized as a material carrier and cutting surface, driven by a drum roller. Includes ~60” of belt on the in feed and out feed for the die loading rails.

layout #2

In Feed Section

Sheet feeder designed to feed sheets up to 50”D x 50.25”W (down to 1m x 1m), with thicknesses from 0.080”-0.175” and a max weight of 30 lbs; stacks 40” tall and 6,500 lbs. Pneumatic x/y pick and place device utilizing vacuum suction cups to secure the sheets.
Live Roller conveyor with 45 degree bias for positioning the sheet, approximately 80” long. Photocells controls front edge stoppers and adjustable side guide assures the sheet is an exact position before moving onto the cutting belt.
Side guide is adjustable to accommodate varying sheet sizes.

Out Feed Section

Parts conveyor: ~80” long removes parts from the cutting belt, a space between the cutting belt and conveyor lets the scrap fall to an awaiting scrap conveyor, which moves to an incline conveyor and into a scrap receptacle (by customer, height TBD)
Acceleration conveyor: ~80” long separates parts for easy picking. Parts then move into stacking device (supplied by customer).


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