SOLD – USED Herman SCHWABE Press For Sale – Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press Model SR 300

SOLD – USED Herman SCHWABE Inc. Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press – Model SR300


USED Herman SCHWABE Inc. Straight Ram Hydraulic Beam Press – Model SR300

Press + Feed System – $125,000.00 (USD)

Press and Feed System + 14 Picking and Laying Tables – $150,000.00 (USD)

Verified OEM Serial Number # 43360


Panel Control – Allen Bradley PLC with a touch screen operator interface (menu driven). Includes various production/maintenance reports (screens) menu driven as well as computerized diagnostics with Ethernet capability for trouble-shooting. Operational – Controls for set-up and operation, with low pressure die height setting.

Press Shutdown – Mushroom type shut-off button easily assessable at the control panel and located at each of the Press.

Activation – Button activation after input of information thru the Operator Interface/Touch Screen.

With automatic shutdown accessed through the Touch Screen.




Feed System

Automatic Infeed/Outfeed Continuous Belt Conveyor Feed System with Auxiliary Lateral Capability

– Capable of handling 96”W pads.

Infeed consists of (2) continuous belt conveyors approximately 23 1⁄2” W x 72”L. Includes metal filler plates and steel side guides to guide cutting pad. Guide set for 96”W cutting pads.

Outfeed (Similar to infeed as above) Unit is combined by chain with infeed unit for synchronous movement. High performance variable speed drive with acceleration/deceleration ramps for smooth feeding of pads. Two (2) photo electric units, one on front and one on rear of press in order to sense front of pads. Rigid steel framework with various entry rollers as well as pneumatically actuated assist pull-down mechanism for smooth feeding of pads through press as well as assisting in “top ply” cutting.

Lateral Transfer – Two (2) tables each 96”W x 108”L with ball transfers mounted on top.

Two (2) Die Anti-Kick up devices – made with heavy gauge sheet metal, spring loaded, with self- aligning mechanism.

 Two (2) Infeed Sensors and Receivers – mounted on shielded brackets (on either side of press) utilized to scan for “doubled up” dies.





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